List of companies located in Belux in the Business Services sector.

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Indigo Park Luxembourg SA

HR Services SA

Marschall-Luja Fabienne

Talk Finance SÀRL

Quilvest Europe SA

Intercorp SA, International Corporate Activities

Entreprise de Constructions Tubulaires SÀRL, ECT

Euromill Invest SA

Hyridia SÀRL

Pronovem Luxembourg SA

Mangrove Capital Partners SA

Caisse Nationale d'Assurance Pension

Audiovision Luxembourg SÀRL

DZ Privatbank SA


Axis Career

KBL European Private Bankers, KBL

PK Airfinance SÀRL


Mediation Field Marketing SARL

Belgo Clean SA

Evolution Plus SÀRL

Experta Corporate and Trust Services SA

Megalift SA

GC Partner SA

Bucomex SÀRL

Centuria Capital Luxembourg SA SA

International Business Consulting & Cooperation SA, I.B.C.C.

Techem Calorlux SÀRL

Gigante Immobilière SÀRL

Luxembourg Marine Services SA

Format SÀRL

Fidexal S.E.C.

Actagon SA

Loxam Rental Sàrl

State Street Bank Luxembourg SA

Human Capital Focus SÀRL

BIL-LEASE SA, Société Luxembourgeoise de Leasing

J. Lamesch Exploitation SA

Piranha et Petits Poissons Rouges SA

Mutualité des P.M.E. SC

Etude Richard Sturm

Ikogest SA

Natixis Bank SA

Immobilis SÀRL

Luxempart SA

TMF Luxembourg SA

Société Générale Bank & Trust SA, SGBT

Remondis Luxembourg SÀRL

Costantini SA

Polygone SÀRL

Fideuram Bank (Luxembourg) SA

Carmignac Gestion Luxembourg

Resultance SA

Coachman SÀRL, Forever Living Products

An-Net Service SÀRL

Fiduciaire Probitas SÀRL

Luxlev Location SA

Callens Pirenne Theunissen & Co SÀRL

MDS - Multimedia Device & Service SÀRL

Fuchs & Associés Finance SA

Aremis Luxembourg SA

Alliance Business Centre SÀRL

Morgan Stanley Investment Management LTD

European Investment Fund

Schwartz and Co Luxembourg

Pai Partners SÀRL

The Shipowner's Mutual Protection and Indemnity Association (Luxembourg)


MindForest SA

S.F.C. Conseil. Société Fiduciaire SÀRL

Cedef SA

Promaco Project Management and Control SA

Go-Score SÀRL

Michael Page International (Luxembourg)

Innoclean SA

EuroCost International SA

VO Consulting Lux SA

Agefi Luxembourg - Le Journal Financier de Luxembourg SA

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