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Probiotic Group Luxembourg S.A., PBGL (Provilan - Marque déposée (R))

Dear potential partner, Did you already think to offer sustainable and natural MICROORGANISMS-based cleaning solution to your customers? We are pleased to introduce you our eco-biotechnology company. History Probiotic Group Luxembourg S.A. (PBGL) is a 100 % private independent company which develops, produces and commercializes several ranges of natural probiotics-based cleaning, hygiene and care products (which prevent bacterial infections and reduce antimicrobial resistance), while producing these with 100 % vegan and/or organic ingredients. Our mission Probiotic Group is an ambitious company which aims to change the hygienic habits through its brand Provilan®. We develop efficient, innovative and environmentally friendly solutions based on probiotics and work for the complete satisfaction and well-being of humans, animals and nature. Our vision A more natural world! In addition to having disastrous effects on our health, a bad and/or excessive consumption of chemical cleaning products and antibiotics has harmful consequences on the global ecology. To counter this, we have developed several sustainable product lines based on the principle of circular economy that respect humans, animals and the world around us. Our product ranges under our Provilan® brand Evaa+ Natural home cleaning Denaa+ Bio-cleaning companies and industries Denaa+ Fitness Bio-cleaning fitness & wellness Lucaa+ Natural care dogs & cats Lucaa+ Horses Natural care horses Annaa+ Cleaning & care for farms & livestock Terraa+ Bioremediation: septic tanks, ponds and industries Your own brand or private label On simple request, we produce our products under YOUR own brand or YOUR private label. Our specialized molecular microbiologists can also develop your products for your specific target markets and customer applications, under your own brand. We already do it for customers in Germany (detergent and odor removal products), in the United Kingdom (air treatment and odor removal products) and Denmark (cosmetic products). Our certifications Most of our products are certified or undergoing certification: ECO-CERT, PeTA Cruelty Free & Vegan, Air Label (Indoor Controlled Air: our products are best rated under the A+ ranking), Made In Luxembourg, SDK (circular economy company) DIN EN ISO 14024. We are also in discussion for the EU Ecolabel label. Research, development and innovation The key to our growing success is in five characters: R&D+i. We budgeted a research, development and innovation program of 4 million euros over 3 years with several universities and European institutes of science and biotechnology. The first million euros was released in January 2019 and our second-generation products are already knocking on our doorstep! Our scientific partners are the Luxembourg University’s L.C.S.B. (Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine : with Professor Wilmes, the L.I.S.T. (Luxembourg Institute Of Science and Technologies : with Doctor Cauchie and the Luxembourg United Laboratories ( for sampling tests in hospitals. Each of these institutes employ 10+ Ph.D. microbiologists and molecular biologists. International distribution We market our products through our generalist or specialist distributors (pharma or veterinary product wholesalers or networks, European leading facility service companies which now offer higher-value higher-priced ecological and employee healthy cleaning services to their company customers) located in Luxembourg, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Denmark. They get good purchase conditions. We want to expand our presence in these countries, in Europe and outside Europe. Our websites Probiotic Group Luxembourg: Our Provilan® brand: As some of our products may be of interest to you, we would love to learn more about your company and its activities; and to be able to discuss any potential collaboration. We remain at your disposal. Regards, Olivier BALHAN International Business Development Director

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