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H&P Training - Coaching - Consulting, Soresco SÀRL

Key Job SA

PricewaterhouseCoopers, Société coopérative

Stoll Safety SÀRL

Ecole Privée Grandjean ASBL, EPG

International Business Consulting & Cooperation SA, I.B.C.C.

Leadership Institut SÀRL


House of Training

Cap Langues SÀRL

Institut National des Langues, NLI

Centre de Psychologie Appliquée aux Transports et à leur Sécurité SA, C.P.A.T.S.

Luxembourg Lifelong Learning Center, LLLC

m.e.g.a performance SÀRL

Pixelixir SA

Signa SÀRL

Mastercraft Language Solutions SÀRL

Language Enterprises SÀRL

Service de Santé au Travail de l'Industrie ASBL, S.T.I.

Centre National de Formation Professionnelle Continue, C.N.F.P.C.

Devoteam Psf SA

Threon Luxembourg SÀRL

Orsys Luxembourg SÀRL

LUXCAD Computer Aided Technologies SÀRL

HR Services SA

PwC's Academy SÀRL

Centre de Formation pour Conducteurs SA

Consultrade SA

Logos IT Services SA

Barth English World Institute EURL

Ateliers Kräizbierg SC

Tower Training & Consulting SÀRL

Chambre des Salariés, CSL


Eurocontrol - Institut de la Navigation Aérienne

Luxcontrol (Groupe Luxcontrol)

Kids Care Gestion SÀRL

Institut Universitaire International Luxembourg, IUIL

Agile Partner SA

C&L Partners SA, WSI Luxembourg (We Simplify the Internet)

Intermeat Services (Groupe P.E.A.C.E.) SA

Aforest Lux SÀRL

Altran Luxembourg SA

D3 Coordination SA

Accenture SÀRL

PIT Business Sàrl

Prolingua Language Centre SA

ActionCOACH - PYXIS Management

A2BM - Accelerate to be Master

Auto-ecole Dani SARL

Fondation Lycee Technique Prive Emile Metz

Illuminare Gmbh

Verain Fir Waldorfpadagogik Letzebuerg Asbl

AMS Luxembourg SÀRL

Art Biz Coaching

Art Attitudes ASBL

Berlitz Language and Business Training SÀRL

Bebop SÀRL

Leorado Commissionnaire International SARL

Learning Factory SA

LC Academie SA

Auto-ecole Patzig SARL

Auto Ecole Roberto SARL

Auto-ecole Jerome SARL

Juggling Paradigms Sàrl

Inlingua International SA

Précis Interactive Language Learning SÀRL

Reval Consulting SA

Ries Nicolas J. Conseil SÀRL

La Sécurité Routière Luxembourg ASBL

Sacred Heart University Luxembourg (John F. Welch College of Business)

Deloitte Luxembourg

RBS Center Fir Altersfroen ASBL

Vectis Audit Conseil Formation SA, VECTIS ACF

SuperDrecksKëscht SA

EMC Luxembourg PSF SÀRL

Delta Management Luxembourg SA

Université du Luxembourg

International School OF Luxembourg Asbl

International University OF Health, Exercise & Sports SA

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