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Basic metal products
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Armatures SARL

Ripa Electric SÀRL


ArcelorMittal International SA

Nizi International SA

Aperam Stainless Services & Solutions Luxembourg SA

ArcelorMittal Commercial Sections SA

Fournitures Pose Isolation

Traxys Europe SA

Ecore Luxembourg SA

ArcelorMittal Dudelange SA

Arcelormittal Rodange & Schifflange SA

Hoffmann's SA

Gottschol Alcuilux SA

Cofralux SA, Tuberie de Differdange

Profilex SA

Weyer Luxembourg SA

Impro Europe SÀRL

Metimex SA

Morgan Advanced Materials & Technology Luxembourg SA, Morgan AM&T Luxembourg (Morganite luxembourg / Morgan Seals & Bearings)

Hydro Aluminium Clervaux SA

Gilbert SÀRL

NFM Alloyz SA

Metal Trade Europe Sàrl

Ceratungsten SÀRL

Tousaciers SA

Marinho Steel Trading SA

ArcelorMittal Commercial RPS SÀRL

Alcuilux Desox SA

Eurefco SÀRL

ArcelorMittal - Centre Logistique Européen SA, AMCLE

ArcelorMittal Belval & Differdange SA

Eaton Moeller SÀRL

O-Metall Luxembourg SA

Eurofoil Luxembourg SA

Water Cutting Luxembourg SA

ArcelorMittal International Luxembourg SA

ArcelorMittal Distribution Solutions Luxembourg SA

Aluco SÀRL

Circuit Foil Luxembourg SÀRL

C2i Commerce SARL

Steelex SA

Hoffmann's SA

ArcelorMittal Bissen et Bettembourg SA (Groupe Arcelor)

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