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Cooling Vest


Cooling Vest
Cooling Vest

Start date:  July 27, 2021 5:04 AM

End date:  July 27, 2022 5:04 AM

* Manufacturing country: South Korea
* Manufacturer: mpacplus Co., Ltd.
* Material : TPU, Refrigerant
* Color: 18℃ Blue, 28℃ Black
* Size(W)x(D)x(H): One side 245 x 200mm, String length: 500mm
* Weight: 600g
* HS Code: 6307.90-9000 

[Product description]
1. Recover high body temperature to normal by wearing it on the chest and back of the body
2. It's all-in-one, not detachable, so it can be used conveniently
3. Nontoxic TPU material that does not irritate the skin and has strong durability
4. Can be used 10,000 times repeatedly and is semi-permanent
5. Adjust to fit your body with a shoulder and bust belt
6. Cooling time 18℃ about 8 minutes,28℃ about 6 minutes(Based on 4 degrees standard)

7. Duration time 18℃ about 1hour 30 minutes, 28℃ about 2hour 30minutes

8. Useful for person who enjoy indoor and outdoor sports activities, medical staffs, chefs and construction workers