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ENPRAG spol. s r.o.

K Holyni 833/42
154 00 Praha 5
Czech Republic

Company information ENPRAG spol. s r.o.


Internet e-shop and actual shop with a wide offer of metallic furniture (files, chests, workshop furniture, safes, racks, chairs) of the leading European producers.
Metallic files, metallic card files and metallic filing cabinets, fireproof filing cabinets
Metallic files for folders: cabinets with classical wing, sliding or rolling-up doors, cabinets with glazed doors or doors with a wire panel, MySpace Lockers cabinets....
Metallic wardrobes
Metallic cabinets with lockable boxes – 3x/4x/5x/6x/8x/9x/10x/12x/15x/x/20x/30x lockable boxes
Metallic cabinets for drawings and maps – metallic cabinets for designs, maps, and drawings
Metallic furniture for workshops – assembled and mobile workshop benches, welded professional metallic workshop benches, workshop desk containers, metallic workshop service trucks, benches and hobby desks with drawers...
Metallic industrial furniture – chests for chemicals, waste boxes, intercepting tanks, boxes, cases, crates, coffers, handling technology, vessels for spreading materials, industrial racks, industrial chairs, barrels, ladders, step-ladders, platforms, bridges...
Metallic school furniture
Metallic furniture for health-care institutions
Metallic office furniture
Safes and vaults – home safes, safes for classified matters with NBÚ (National Security Authority) certification, armored safes
Fireproof cabinets – fireproof cabinets for documents, fireproof cabinets for data carriers, cabinets with enhanced fire resistance
Boxes and safes for keys, emergency boxes, first aid cabinets
Cash registers and banking technology – portable metallic cash registers and strong boxes, banknotes calculators and testers
Metallic mailboxes
Metallic rack shelves – rack shelf systems, metallic racks, wire rack shelves, plastic, wooden rack systems, shelves for tires, racks with inclined shelves, racks for barrels, console and pallet racks,...
Metallic boxes with drawers – metallic drawer boxes for the A4, A3 sizes, metallic drawer boxes for CD/DVD, accessories to boxes
Desk containers – metallic mobile office containers, draw-near containers, Tower Pedestal containers, Bite personal containers
Files – suspended pockets, metallic lever files, pocket files, file boxes
Waste and spreading boxes – waste bins, dustbins, waste containers, tanks for sorted waste, ashtrays and pallets with railing, spreading containers and trucks for spreading materials
Oil management – intercepting tanks, barrels and various vessels for oils and other liquids
Handling technology – walkie trucks, platform and pallet trucks, elevating working platforms, accessories to walkie trucks
Ladders, step-ladders, platforms, and bridges
Stand hangers – metallic hanger walls, stand and floor metallic hangers
Municipal equipment – parking barriers, bicycle stands and hangers, outdoor tables and benches, bins, information stands, vessels for spreading
Medical, office, conference, children, dining tables and chairs

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General Information

Year established 1995
Corporate capital 102,000 CZK
Type of company Head Office
VAT CZ62743741
Fax +420 224 941 053
Website http://www.enprag.cz http://www.kovovynabytek.cz http://www.kovovynabytok.sk http://www.stihlavyroba.eu


  • BISLEY  (Distributor)


  • ČSOB Praha 1 600003483/0300


Area : Central/East Europe, West. Europe
Country : Slovakia, Germany


  • Type:

    ISO 9001: 2008

Key figures ENPRAG spol. s r.o.


  • On site

    18 Employees

  • Company

    18 Employees


  • 2016

    138,483,000 CZK

  • 2015

    119,111,000 CZK

  • 2014

    112,069,000 CZK

  • 2013

    88,451,000 CZK

Executives ENPRAG spol. s r.o.

Executive information

Pan Ladislav Kroupa

Principal Executive/Proprietor (Jednatel, společník)

Pan Václav Bohuslávek

Principal Executive/Proprietor (Jednatel, společník)

Paní Simona Šebestová

Sales Director/Manager (Obchodní oddělení)

Paní Eva Honzíková

Marketing Director/Manager (Marketing)

Paní Monika Bräuerová

Logistics Director/Manager (Logistika)

Activities ENPRAG spol. s r.o.

Secondary activities

Other classifications (for some countries)

NACE Rev.2 (EU 2008) :
Manufacture of articles of paper and paperboard (172)